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General FAQs

  • What is is a website designed to showcase the capabilities of the gOCIL Player, a software component designed to be embedded into enterprise compliance software solutions.

  • What is the gOCIL Player?

    The gOCIL Player is a software component that is designed to make it easy for ISVs to embed OCIL capabilities into SCAP compliance and GRC software solutions.  It is implemented as a stand-alone, zero-configuration WAR file.

  • Is gOCIL really free?

    The OCIL services hosted at are free, but offered without any service level agreement (SLA) on availability, without data protection, and without extensive security features.  The gOCIL Player component is commercially available as a secure hosted service, for purchase by end-user organizations, and for license by ISVs who wish to embed a player in their product. Please contact us for pricing information if you are interested in licensing.

Getting Started FAQs