gOCIL makes it easy to deploy OCIL in the enterprise.

With gOCIL, deploying checklists to end-users and compiling results via the web, or on-premise within your network, is a snap.

gOCIL.org is a free service showcasing the gOCIL Player, an enterprise-class OCIL interpreter with full support for the OCIL 2.0 specification. Using the service, OCIL content authors can create accounts, upload and validate OCIL content, create mock deployments to run through questionnaires, and even deploy surveys to end-users and view collected results.

Next Steps

  1. Review gOCIL’s features.
  2. Join the community: see for yourself how easy it is to get started with gOCIL.


We are constantly adding new features to our roadmap. If there’s a capability that your organization requires in order to consider adopting gOCIL.org or the gOCIL Player, please let us know and it will go to the top of our priority list!


The gOCIL Player is a stand-alone component that can bring gOCIL’s market-leading simplicity and usability to your on-premise SCAP implementation project. Learn more about its features.