gOCIL.org was established to make OCIL practical to use.

OCIL is a powerful specification with broad applicability for governance, risk and compliance use-cases.  Since OCIL is part of the SCAP specification, it is the natural choice for collecting information from people, that will be combined with data collected from automated systems. Having the ability to take a standards-based approach for the collection of such diverse compliance data is clearly compelling.
Until now, OCIL adoption has been hampered by the lack of good tools to simplify both authoring and execution (including distribution and collection of results). Our goal is to provide tools to the market that will make OCIL adoption practical on a large scale.

Our Team

David E. Ries

David is the project lead for gOCIL.org and a partner at Farnam Hall Ventures.

Prior to joining Farnam, he co-founded Edit.com where he served as CTO for two years and COO for five years. As CTO, David designed Edit.com’s patented and proprietary content management and operational support systems. After pivoting the company from a SaaS CMS provider to a technology-enabled website services provider, he was promoted to COO where he developed Edit.com’s standardized service delivery model, led the development of a technology platform to support it and built a specialized service organization to operate it. As a founder and board member, David played a large role in securing three rounds of financing for the company as well as creating and executing the company’s marketing, sales, and business development strategies.

Prior to Edit.com, David spent four years as a business process analyst and web application developer for operations, IT and new media departments at Christies, Pfizer, and other enterprise clients. Previously, he produced 35 commercial musicals across the Midwest. David received a B.A. in History from Yale University and has one issued patent.

David A. Solin

David Solin leads the player development for gOCIL.org and is a partner at Farnam Hall Ventures LLC.

Prior to joining Farnam, he was Chief Architect for Service Automation at BMC Software, where he led a global team responsible for overall software design and the technical road-map for five product families accounting for $200M in annual sales. He was also the lead architect for BMC’s first Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, and a member of BMC’s Office of the CTO.

David joined BMC with the Marimba acquisition in 2004. At Marimba, he held a range of positions in the professional services and sales organizations before becoming a member of Marimba’s Office of the CTO. He was instrumental in the genesis, design and development of Marimba’s server and patch management products.

Prior to joining Marimba, David worked at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT). He holds a bachelors degree in mathematics from Yale University, and has two issued and six pending US patents.