gOCIL.org is a hosted, freely-available instance of a gOCIL Player. User accounts, including checklist and job management, are maintained by our website, but end-user interaction with checklists takes place entirely on our Player instance, at https://checklist.gocil.org.  Players are offered commercially as either a white-label service hosted in a secure facility, via download for on-premise deployment by end-user organizations, or for embedding in OEM software solutions.

The gOCIL Player is a zero-configuration WAR file that can be deployed on any JSR-154-compliant Java application server, such as Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle Weblogic and IBM WebSphere. Unique features include:

  • A usability-optimized questionnaire interface
  • Web browser compatibility with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox
  • Full UI internationalization
  • REST API for transaction management functions

The Player offers full support for the OCIL 2.0 schema including:

  • Schema validation
  • Artifact collection (files, URLs and free-form text)
  • Instruction steps
  • Conditional branching

It also implements enhanced schema-compatible features, including:

  • XHTML support in questionnaire titles and descriptions, question text, step text, variables, etc., for enhanced usability
  • External variables via our external variables schema, for enhanced XCCDF support

Finally, gOCIL is fully compatible with jOVAL.org, a leading open-source OVAL interpreter with support for XCCDF data streams:

  • jOVAL’s XPERT XCCDF interpreter can export artifacts from an SCAP 1.2 datastream for use with gOCIL, including OCIL and external variables document types
  • XPERT can also import OCIL results supplied by gOCIL to be combined with automated (OVAL and SCE) compliance scan data